Ray of Hope Children’s Home

Ray of Hope in Africa

1 in 12 children/or over 1,000,000 are orphaned in Uganda because of AIDS.

Uganda’s population has grown at an exponential rate of 75% over the past decade with an estimated population of 32.4 million with a median age of 15 years. Currently one in 12 Ugandan children (more than 2.7 Million) are orphaned due to the conflict between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan Army as well as premature death from HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, and other preventable diseases.

Our Vision

Our vision for Ray of Hope Children’s Home is to impact disadvantaged children and the communities they live in by providing:

  • housing – offering support and family atmosphere,
  • health care — reducing the number of orphaned children,
  • quality education — ensuring higher education,
  • and job skills training — increasing sustainability.

Our Goal

“Through a Child’s Eyes” Capital Campaign: HHCharities plans to raise $2.25 million that will provide funds to build Ray of Hope Children’s Home in Fort Portal, Uganda for 500 orphans, and provide resources to enable the Ray of Hope to be self-sustaining within three years of development.

The campaign will raise $1.29 Million to purchase land in Fort Portal, Uganda and build Ray of Hope. The facility will house a dormitory, library, clinic, school, recreational grounds, and career center. The remaining $960,000 will provide staff resources and training to create organizational self-sustainment.

Download the Ray of Hope in Africa Brochure (PDF)

About Fort Portal

HHCharities focuses its work in Fort Portal as the region faces issues such as low incomes, poor health and sanitation, inadequate housing, and lack of food security. The population of orphans continues to increase, and now more than 2,500 children in Fort Portal are orphaned, making the realization of Ray of Hope Children’s Home more critical.

Why Africa

More than 150,000 Sub-Saharan Africans live in Dallas/Fort Worth and, across the world; more than 2,500 orphans live in Fort Portal, Uganda. HHCharities empowers African children, both here and abroad, to focus on academic achievement to promote future success for them in the job market. As successful employees and entrepreneurs they can encourage the next generation of children towards academic and professional achievement as well as personal economic sustainability.

How You Can Help

  • Sponsor an orphan’s education:
    • $325 per year/$110 per semester/monthly support
  • Support the “Through a Child’s Eyes” Capital Campaign
    • be a part of a new beginning for over 500 orphans in Fort Portal, Uganda
    • help us raise $2.25 million to build Ray of Hope Children’s Home campus

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