Help Spread the Word!

We’ve all heard how powerful social media is… But do you know how it works?

Essentially, when you use social media to interact with HHCharities, it allows that activity to be seen by others in your network. Then they are able to see it, share it with everyone in their network, and so on. Before you know it, the reach of our messages and mission can grow exponentially.

So every time you “like”, follow, comment, and share content related to HHCharities, you enable many more people to learn about HHCharities and our life-saving mission!

It only takes a spark… to help good messages go viral! Here are a few of the easy ways you can help to spread the HHCharities message:


So any time you see content from us that you like, please use your favorite social media to SHARE it!

Have your own ideas on how to help us spread the word? We’d love to hear it–Please contact us.