Corporate Giving

Making a commitment to the local and global community



Corporate support is key to any organization and Humanitarian Hands Charities is no different. What makes HHCharities different is that your company can make a global impact through your charitable contribution.

The world is becoming increasingly flat and connected both socially and economically. HHCharities allows you to make an impact in your own community as well as communities across the globe.


More than 85,000 Sub-Saharan Africans live in Dallas/Fort Worth communities. Currently over 2,500 orphans live in Fort Portal, Uganda; more than 5% of the town’s population. It is imperative to provide encouragement and motivation to help these children conquer challenges and excel in school.

Your contribution will allow HHCharities to empower African children, both here and abroad, to focus on academic achievement and life long success. As successful employees and entrepreneurs they can encourage the next generation of children towards academic and professional achievement as well as personal economic sustainability.


Humanitarian Hands Charities was founded in 2006 by Ray and Mary Christopher in response to the growing number of orphans in Uganda. HHCharities empowers Ugandan youth to create a hopeful, sustainable future for themselves and their communities by providing housing, healthcare, quality education, job skills, and life skills training.

As the number of orphans in Fort Portal, Uganda rises; HHCharities primary challenge is to build a Medical Clinic for those that are dying from treatable ailments, and secondly, to build a children’s home to house and educate 500 parentless children to move them towards a brighter future.

Locally, our impact will be in the refugee and immigrant community establishing focused literacy programs that will increase their efforts for US Citizenship and successful daily living.


Of all the parts that go into building a brighter future for our children along with the refugees and immigrants in our community, your investment may be the most important. Your commitment to the importance of building future leaders, here and abroad, communicates your dedication to making the world a better place to live, work, and do business.

Corporate Partnership

As a corporate partner, you are making a statement that your company invests in the future of disadvantaged lives.  For more information about corporate partnership please contact Mary Christopher at 972.331.6098.

Corporate Sponsorship

Humanitarian Hands Charities offers event sponsorships that provide an opportunity for you to reach your target market and realize a return on your investment.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Matching challenges – your company will issue a matching gift to inspire gifts from the organization’s constituents. This allows your company to receive maximum visibility for your gift while providing motivation for other donors.
  • “What If?…”Annual Gala provides hospitality, exclusive benefits, and opportunities to reach a specific demographic through visibility and marketing.

For more information about corporate sponsorship please contact Mary Christopher at 972.331.6098.

Medical Center – Fort Portal, Uganda

HHCharities has two goals set for helping this community; first, to build a Medical Clinic that will save lives by treating common ailments and educating the community on disease and infection prevention. This clinic will house a reception area with restrooms, five (5) exam rooms, a laboratory, doctors and staff office, and a secured drug storage room. Our second goal is to build the Ray of Hope Children’s Home that will house 500 orphans. We realized, through needs assessment, that you cannot educate the children when they are too sick to attend school.

Cultural Life Skills Center

Humanitarian Hands Charities (HHCharities) performed an assessment of needs with local refugee resettlement agencies and has accepted the opportunity to reach into the refugee community and establish a Core Assistance Center for the refugees that will guide them beyond their six month resettlement experience.  Our organization will perform long-term assistance to empower the refugees with successful integration and guidance into the United States socially, culturally, and educationally; increasing and improving their various literacy arenas and instructional support for Naturalization and US Citizenship.