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Greater Than You and Me

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Greater Than You and Me

While visiting Fort Portal Uganda we went to see a dear friend who was an elderly woman because we heard she was sick in bed.  When we arrived at her home, a caretaker told us she was vomiting and had diarrhea and that we might not want to come close to her.

Our group went in to see her any way because of our relationship with her–she was like a mother to us.  Yes, she was so sick her head would hardly lift from the pillow.  The decision was quickly made to transport her to Kampala, the capital city where there was a large hospital to care for her.

Why was this lady still at home in bed so seriously sick?  Why didn’t she go to a neighborhood clinic?  You see, if you do not have the funds to pay the clinic for your examination you will not be seen!  So–the leaders of our group paid for her ambulance transportation to the hospital which was about five hours away.  But that is not all.  Because she was gravely ill, they also had to pay for a doctor to travel with her to the hospital.  Then–wait, that is not all, they had to pay for her medical attention at the hospital.  You see, if you do not have the funds to receive medical attention, they also will not treat you.

This event brought to realization the conveniences that we have in the U.S. And the inconveniences that exit for impoverished families and communities.  Our U. S. citizens can run to the nearest county hospital and receive assistance knowing the person does not have any funds.  Then you have to think about what you would do in a situation like this.

This woman was simply going to stay at home and, probably, get so dehydrated that she would slowly die.  Why? Because she had no other choice!  That is reality in third world countries.  That is the cruel reality in families where there are no funds to receive medical attention.  That is one of the reasons why they have so many orphans.

You ask, “How can I help?” Be a part of something bigger than you and me! Join us as we move to impact this community by building a Medical Clinic in Fort Portal Uganda.

Visit our web site at under Donate and be a part of our gala event, “What if…?”

This event will be held on Saturday, October 24th at The Eisemann Performance  Center.  Our attendees will be able to witness the Medical Clinic building progress and receive facts on what supplies and medical assistance will be needed to efficiently run the clinic.

Don’t miss your opportunity to impact lives!  Ugandan Children


Going Beyond Your Personal Borders

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Going Beyond Your Personal Borders

Have you ever wanted to reach beyond your neighborhood and into other countries?  Well, here is your opportunity!

Join us as we share the Holiday Season with the orphans of Fort Portal, Uganda.  We generally purchase a cow, clothing, and additional vegetables for them to enjoy.  But—this year HHCharities is giving you a chance to give outside of your family, friends, and relatives.  I know—you are too excited, right???!!!

There are over 750 orphans waiting for us to include them in our sharing throughout this Season.

Remember our plea for you to donate to our organization during the North Texas Giving Day on August 18th?  Well, we raised $180 and, yes, we say thank you because even this small amount will support six (6) students with monthly education funds in Uganda.

Our challenge to you—wait for it—match the amount of $180 and help us raise $2500.  REALLY!  This amount will purchase two (2) cows, bales of clothing, and the fixins’!  Then, you can pat yourself on the back because you have Gone Beyond Your Personal Borders!

We are looking for your match at party (1)

The orphans LOVE the Holidays, too!

North Texas Giving Day Benefits Orphans, Refugees & Immigrants

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Children UgandaThere is always an opportunity to give back to your community or to those who are so disadvantaged that they cannot afford an education.  Friends, we all have events put before us that says “it is time to open your hearts and give back!”

Speaking personally, I can remember several times that friends–and those I did not know–gave to me and my family because they had a heart to give.  What about you?  Just look back over your personal lives and remember those who have taken time out to give to you or sacrifice their time to help you. There is a great joy in knowing you helped someone by reaching out to them and giving financially or physically.

Dallas remains the second largest city in Texas that receives the highest quantity of refugees/immigrants in our communities.  Our organization assists with literacy programs that lifts them to another level encouraging their spirits to seek employment, learn how to speak English and to prepare to take their Naturalization test for US Citizenship.

The orphans of Fort Portal, Uganda still number over 2500 with a population of less than 10% who are able to attend school to receive an education that will change their lives and the lives of their community. We are also working to build a Medical Clinic in this community to treat non-emergency cases which will help those who could have died from treatable ailments.

Humanitarian Hands Charities challenges you to step up and step out to make an impact on someone’s live! Help us by supporting our organization on North Texas Giving Day, September 18, 2014 from 6:00 a.m. – Midnight.  Credit/Debit cards with $25 – $50,000 will be pro-rated with $.10 bonus funds.  Don’t miss your opportunity to Give Back at  We are under Community Improvement and Education.

Gifts are 100% tax deductible! Support us and give!Araceli Gayzka


A Shifting of Tides for Refugees and Immigrants

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A Shifting of Tides for Refugees and Immigrants

Lashonda tutorDo you ever want things to stay just the way they are in your secure world where all is good and things are going well?  What about those who have moments when the Shifting of Tides means you have to leave everything you own and everyone you are familiar with because your life is in danger?  What would be your feelings when you don’t know where you will live, eat, or sleep tomorrow?

I often wonder how I would feel if suddenly displaced from my very familiar surroundings and even forced to leave family.  This brings about such compassion in me and I trust you have the same reactions or feelings.  This is reality for Refugees and Immigrants who are new to the Dallas community.  Their lives have been interrupted, uprooted, and sometimes destroyed because of war, dissension, and natural disasters.

Approximately 8 million refugees and immigrants were eligible for citizenship in 2013 but only 8% became naturalized citizens.  HHCharities is working to build bridges for this population concentrating on their English literacy and then on their Naturalization and Citizenship Readiness.  This preparation process will increase the percentage of those that will be secure in receiving their US Citizenship.

If you want to be a part of changing lives now, visit our web site and make a tax-deductible donation at or contact us to volunteer your time at 972.331.6098. The new semester starts in September 2014.

Don’t miss your opportunity in Shifting the Tides towards success for the Refugees and Immigrants! It will change their lives—and yours!


Araceli Gayzka




A Leap of Faith for Uganda

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African Families


My husband, Ray, Randy Clark and I just returned from Kenya. Every time we visit Africa it reminds me how truly blessed we are in the United States. The poverty levels are so visibly astounding to me–although my visits are frequent. I often wonder when the various governments will step up, and out, to make living in Africa a better experience for their people. I know we will always have the poor with us but there can be more relief and a better example of the governments truly giving people a “hand-up” out of poverty.

When we encounter poverty and the sick in countries like Kenya it encourages us to “step out in faith” and begin the building process of the Medical Center in Fort Portal Uganda. Sometimes we are encouraged by others to wait until we get all of the funds we need before we begin building but–there is a constant urging to go ahead and start. There are people dying everyday because they cannot get the necessary medication or treatment to cure their common ailments.

Children of UgandaThere is a statement that Gail McWilliams makes on her radio programs, “When you choose to look past the horizon, the skies the limit!” She is a visually impaired woman that inspires you to reach for more then what you can see. To live life with a vision that challenges you to stretch beyond what you can see, feel, and touch. Reach for the unseen!

That is what we have been encouraged to do. We are “reaching for the unseen”. Faith causes us to be steadfast in our mission and begin building the Medical Center for the disadvantaged and impoverished people in the Fort Portal community.

Roland Parrish of Parrish McDonald’s Restaurants LLC and Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church have joined us in our “skies the limit” vision. You can also join us. How? Visit our web site at and make your donation to support the Medical Center. Upon request, we will send you the “Naming Rights” information. Any amount will help build the Center.

Remember, “When you choose to look past the horizon, the skies the limit!”

Mary A. Christopher, CEO