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Highly Effective Teacher of English

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Women of Uganda

HHCharities is striving for effectiveness as we work to educate refugees and immigrants in English as a Second language. Why? Because we want our work in the lives of the displaced to be motivating and to bring hope. How? By providing skilled English teachers/tutors who are motivated to help the refugees and immigrants succeed in learning a challenging language, make it active in their everyday living, and–as a result–enhance their integration into a strange new world for them.

Therefore, in this Blog we want to be informative and encourage those who are already teaching or have a dream to teach refugees and immigrants the English language.

We have paused and shifted our efforts for the Cultural Life Skill Center (that originally was a program that would teach English as a Second Language to students) towards building a pool of highly effective teachers or tutors. These tutors will be motivated to increase the success of learning English and prepare the students to pass their Naturalization/Civics Process to receive their US citizenship.

In reading various information on how to achieve our goal of “training the tutor” and highlighting them as some of the most qualified, I came across a Blog written by Albert P. Rayan in the UK. I will briefly share his thought-provoking article.

Highly Effective Tutors are characterized by having:
Independent Thinking
Interdependence Imagination

Imagination: breaks the monotony of class learning and brings excitement to your students. It develops the students’ creativity.

Innovation: this tutor “dares to be different” and introduces new thought processes which challenges the students and stimulates their thinking.

Interaction: encourages open communication between the students and the tutor which increases their communication skills.

Independent Thinking: introduces and motivates the students to think on their own. Helps them to be critical and question what they hear and see. Enhances their thinking process.

Interdependence: this process helps the students to develop interpersonal relationships. Positive reinforcement of interdependence helps them to truly relate to others no matter where they once lived.

Albert Rayan finally states that a teacher/tutor who embodies these characteristics will be most successful in grooming independent and interdependent students.

If you are interested in becoming an English tutor and you want to be the best you can be, contact us at or visit our web site There are several organizations that are searching for skilled and effective teachers or tutors.

Living in Boldness

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You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

HHCharities had a grand opening on May 17, 2016 in Fort Portal Uganda for the John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic!  What a wonderful event it was! Seeing the Ugandans attend an event where they had to sit out in the sun for hours was mind boggling but, I guess they are used to it.  The orphans and other children danced and thanked the Parrish family for saving their future lives. Potential patients poured into the clinic to be serviced by Dr. Henry Karugaba and his staff.  It is a joy to know this community will now experience focused urgent medical care for their treatable ailments.

Orphans Dance of Gratitude

Orphans’ Dance of Gratitude

So—what is my concern??? I have been truly struggling with the fear of not being able to support this grand effort.  FEAR is a tremendous executioner of missions that could have been fulfilled but when we give in to its chains we are leaning on ourselves to accomplish far-reaching goals.

To encourage my spirit, I began to read various quotes on facing fear.  Eleanor Roosevelt spoke a profound statement and I wanted to share it with you.  What did her statement say to me?  Stand strong through your fears because—and I do not mind saying—“With God all things are possible.”  So let me encourage you to go ahead and step into your mission and hit FEAR head-on!  You can do it!

Ribbon Cutting

Parrish Family Cuts the Grand Opening Ribbon

As you conquer your fears, remember the people of Uganda. Visit us at and click on the “Donate” button to make your financial commitment.  Or, you can email us at with your suggestions for the medical clinic’s sustainability and the orphans’ educational sponsor support.


Dreaming BIG!

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“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” –Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia

When I read this quote from Madam President I think of all the women I have come in contact with as I traveled through Kenya, Ghana and Uganda throughout February and March of this year.  I know that many of them are facing a future that they deem as hopeless.  These ladies do not see a glimpse of any light. And, that is so sad! But—they are looking at how their government appears to not support road repairs, electricity that is sufficient to support their own population, jobs for the youth, and businesses for the widows.  Where are the vocational schools and skill centers for the youth whose family cannot afford to send them to college or the universities?  There are so many women, and men, who want to learn a skill. They would love to be able to support their families from the sweat of their brows; in their own farmland or in their own small businesses.  But…

Question—Are they dreaming BIG? A great example is President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  She became the first female elected head of state in Africa.  This 24th president of Liberia has been in office since 2006.  Madam President is now serving her second term.  WOW!   What a way to support her statement made above, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” Do you think she dreamed of being a president in Africa?  Her biography speaks to the fact that she wanted and fought for a better world for her people.  She was all about anti-corruption reform.  I think she dreamed BIG!

My purpose in this life is to continue encouraging the people of Africa.  They must dream big because one day they will witness a changed government, numerous vocational and skill centers; various outlets for them to become self-sustaining.  My heart aches along with theirs but when you dream big and have faith things happen!

The John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic is a BIG dream of ours and look at what has happened beyond their imagination! This medical clinic will bring hope to the community of Fort Portal, Uganda.  The people are excited and have great anticipation for a clinic that will change their world.

The Grand Opening will be Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 in Fort Portal.  Get excited and partner with us to keep their hopeful futures alive!  Visit our web site and let us know how you can make a difference.

Our next challenge is to inspire supporters who will step up and accept the opportunity to educate an orphan.  Just a simple $30 a month will send a child to school.  Review our web site to see how you can be a change agent for the orphans of Uganda.

Help the people of Uganda realize they can DREAM BIG!  Visit us at and click on the “Donate” button to make your financial commitment.  Or, you can email us at with your suggestions for the medical clinic and the orphans’ educational support.


Gated Parrish Medical Clinic

Parrish Medical Clinic Exam Room

Parrish Medical Clinic Exam Room

African Proverbs’ Wisdom

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Kenya-Secondary (High School) Students in their combined assembly to greet us as visitors

“If you think you are too small to make a difference you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.” ~African Proverb

Wow!  What a commanding and true proclamation!  Because I have been visiting Africa for several weeks now, this proverb really hit home with me.  You can put on all the mosquito repellents that you want but once it wears off the mosquitoes will find you!  Trust me—I know!  A mosquito in your bed and under your mosquito net at night will control your night.  You will not sleep until the little insect is eliminated!

But—on the other hand, what is this proverb actually saying to us?  For me, it is saying that as one person, and a woman in this world of ours, I can make a difference!  Our organization, Humanitarian Hands Charities, is small but we are still impacting lives.  Our first donor, a woman, gave us a hand-up so we could purchase land in Uganda to build a children’s home and educational facility in the future.  Another person believed in our organization enough to build a medical clinic in Uganda.

 “If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

~African Proverb

This proverb inspires unity as you bind together with others to make a difference.   I met with a lady in Kakamega, Kenya that opened a vocational school.  Not all senior high students can continue on to higher education because their family is too poor to afford the fees.  The government seemed to be missing this avenue so this lady was empathetic to their plight because she also could not continue her dream to attend college or a university.  She utilized all of her saved funds and began to organize a vocational school that offers dressmaking, tailoring, mechanics, computer labs, etc.  One person made an impact in an underprivileged area so the young adults could learn a skill and survive in their community.

Will she receive assistance from her government?  Yes, but it is a very slow process and this opportunity of education cannot wait.  I know that with patience and determination, she will be successful in her efforts to educate beyond senior high levels.  She is preparing a community of skilled workers and that will bring unimaginable hope to these youths.  And, eventually, these skills will penetrate into their village life.

African proverbs are full of wisdom.  These are just two that caught my attention today.

Visit us at and click on the “Donate” button.  Remember, you are not too small to make a difference!  Your financial commitment or your volunteer expertise helps us to go far.  Email us at with your inquiry on how you can impact lives!

Our youth are the future of all communities!  So Build Hope…One Heart, One Life, One Community at a Time.

Secondary (High School) Students in Kenya

Secondary (High School) Students in Kenya


Strong Children or Broken Men???

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gyavira Education changed their lives!


Realizing education!


Raising her sibling!


Higher education in Uganda.

Frederick Douglass stated, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” What a profound affirmation and so very, very true!

People who think along these lines understand the importance of educating children.  The magnitude of educating children will build more effective governments (governments that work for the people) and thriving communities.

In references from UNICEF and other sources, disadvantaged children in the country of Africa face numerous challenges:

  • Parent Involvement—Active involvement reduces corruption (illegal accounting fees), encourages good record-keeping (records flow throughout the child’s education) and influences decisions in their child’s education.
  • Equal Education—because of poverty and if there has to be a choice between the girls or boys attending school – Gender Bias takes control because culture favors the boys. Their education means more money for the family.
  • Girls’ Stumbling Blocks—education interrupted by early childhood marriage (at age 12 or 13), hindrances because of duties as a wife and mother, household chores, responsibility of caring for younger siblings because she is the bread-winner, increased dropouts because of inability to keep up with homework.

African data proves females out of school greatly exceeds boys.  Until equal numbers of girls and boys are in school it will be impossible to build the knowledge necessary to eradicate poverty and hunger, combat disease and ensure environmental sustainability. Therefore, millions of children and women will continue to die needlessly.

One of my greatest joys as I travel through Africa comes when we visit various educational facilities full of children from preschool to high school.  That means there are people who care about the children’s education.  It also means there are sponsors who will reach out and give a hand-up to the impoverished children making strong children that will mature into men and women that bring hope for a future filled with dreams of success for not only them but for their community.  And I say to you—what a wonderful gift to give!

You still have an opportunity to change lives! HHCharities focuses on working to educate the orphans that reside in the Fort Portal Uganda communities, starting with the population of more than 2,500. Support can range from $30 a month, to $120 a term, or $360 for the school year. Visit us at and click on the “Donate” button to make your financial commitment.  Or, you can email us at with your inquiry on how you can be a part of our Orphans’ Tuition Program.

Help build strong children with a bright and promising future!