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“What if…?”

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Medical Clinic Photo 2

Pastor John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic in Rutorwa County Fort Portal Uganda

Life takes us in so many circles and through a variety of valleys and peaks.  Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself, “What can I do to leave a legacy from my life experiences?”  Well–I have asked myself that question numerous times and, because of my commitment to HHCharities, I realized that there is nothing more rewarding than reaching down to lift others up.

A marvelous example–Roland Parrish has left a legacy for his family and others by providing the Pastor John H. and Marie Parrish Medical Clinic.  His generous major donation will be in the hearts of the people in the Rutorwa County, Fort Portal Uganda community for many years to come.   We are celebrating his heart to give on Saturday, October 24th at our 7th Annual “What if…?” Gala event.  Our venue will be the Eisemann Center in Richardson Texas.   Come and join us as we celebrate this lasting gift.

Our agenda will include:  an eye-catching  Silent Auction, a Red Carpet Photo experience, rubbing elbows with a notable philanthropist Roland Parrish, a special Emmy Award winning guest,  mingling with past NFL Players, Social Mixer for networking, Food Stations to tantalize your taste buds, a brief honorary program, News Anchor Rebecca Lopez will keep us motivated, soothing saxophone performance by Scott Campbell, and to close the evening DJ Dorian DuPree will keep you on the floor.

Thank you, Roland Parrish!

Visit our web site to register,  You won’t want to leave early! Raffle items await you.  See you there!


Parrish Parents Picture13 (2)Pastor  John H. and Marie Parrish


Enhancing the Lives of Others

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Araceli GayzkaWhat if…you were forced to leave your country of origin, live in a communal environment, sleep with strangers, and then you are shuffled off to a strange land.  There are no familiar faces, nor understandable dialects. The food is very different and the people dress odd!

Welcome to the real world of refugees and immigrants.

Are they blessed to be in the United States?  Probably so!  But the feeling of loneliness and bewilderment overtakes their spirit leaving them feeling helpless and, sometimes, hopeless.  Where do they go?  Who do they turn to?  There are resettlement agencies that assist the government with placing the refugees and immigrants in housing units with food and basic English lessons.  But—they cannot stay in the system for an extended period.

What if…you had an opportunity to change the lives of displaced individuals? What if…you could share your talents in cultural living in the U.S. with them?  What if…you could open doors of opportunity by instructing in English or preparing the refugees and immigrants through Civics and Naturalization Literacy that will help them succeed as they take their citizenship test and interview?

You can—Join us by giving of your time and energy to impact lives and change futures.  Your involvement will enhance the lives of the refugees and immigrants and give them a hopeful and more vibrant future.

Visit us at and click on the “Get Involved/Volunteer” button and fill out the Volunteer Form.  Or, you can email us at

Change someone’s life this year!


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Maya Angelou stated, “God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us-in the dreariest and dreaded moments-can see a possibility of hope.”

Persistence is bringing a rainbow to the Kabarole District of Fort Portal Uganda.  Persistence has opened the doors of hope for a healthier community.  Persistence opened someone’s heart to hear the cries of those who desperately need affordable medical attention.  Persistence has birthed its way into a medical clinic that will treat those who, without attention, would die from treatable ailments like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Diarrhea, and Tuberculosis.

The majority of us cannot imagine the darkness and hopelessness that exists in the lives of those who lack funds to receive medical attention, or cannot reach a medical clinic because it is not within a short walking distance.

Can you imagine—now—the bright light that has come into this community because they can see the answers to their prayers?  What a joy it is to know what persistence has accomplished.  But, because of the people’s persistence in asking for help—a hand up not a hand out—hope is a reality for the community of Rutorwa Village, Busuro Subcounty, Kabarole District of Fort Portal Uganda.

You ask, “How can you be a part of this hope?” Visit us at and click on the “Donate for Naming Rights” button.  There is room for everyone to play a financial or physical part in this great effort. Join us!

There is Hope for Healthy Living!


Medical Clinic 2

Investing In Others

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We give our funds out to so many things that will simply vanish into the air.  So–why not give to something that will harvest fruit!!!  Have you ever thought about investing your funds in an orphan who would love to receive an education???!!!

Take this opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child.  This difference will impact a child and eventually–a community.  There is a population of over 2500 orphans in the Fort Portal Uganda community alone.  And, this number is increasing because of malaria, motorbike and car accidents, and HIV/AIDS.

Put your funds to work by investing in an orphan. Visit our web site and Donate Now!  An investment of $30 a month will begin their education process.

Can the orphans count on you to make a difference in their lives?

Visit us at



Greater Than You and Me

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Greater Than You and Me

While visiting Fort Portal Uganda we went to see a dear friend who was an elderly woman because we heard she was sick in bed.  When we arrived at her home, a caretaker told us she was vomiting and had diarrhea and that we might not want to come close to her.

Our group went in to see her any way because of our relationship with her–she was like a mother to us.  Yes, she was so sick her head would hardly lift from the pillow.  The decision was quickly made to transport her to Kampala, the capital city where there was a large hospital to care for her.

Why was this lady still at home in bed so seriously sick?  Why didn’t she go to a neighborhood clinic?  You see, if you do not have the funds to pay the clinic for your examination you will not be seen!  So–the leaders of our group paid for her ambulance transportation to the hospital which was about five hours away.  But that is not all.  Because she was gravely ill, they also had to pay for a doctor to travel with her to the hospital.  Then–wait, that is not all, they had to pay for her medical attention at the hospital.  You see, if you do not have the funds to receive medical attention, they also will not treat you.

This event brought to realization the conveniences that we have in the U.S. And the inconveniences that exit for impoverished families and communities.  Our U. S. citizens can run to the nearest county hospital and receive assistance knowing the person does not have any funds.  Then you have to think about what you would do in a situation like this.

This woman was simply going to stay at home and, probably, get so dehydrated that she would slowly die.  Why? Because she had no other choice!  That is reality in third world countries.  That is the cruel reality in families where there are no funds to receive medical attention.  That is one of the reasons why they have so many orphans.

You ask, “How can I help?” Be a part of something bigger than you and me! Join us as we move to impact this community by building a Medical Clinic in Fort Portal Uganda.

Visit our web site at under Donate and be a part of our gala event, “What if…?”

This event will be held on Saturday, October 24th at The Eisemann Performance  Center.  Our attendees will be able to witness the Medical Clinic building progress and receive facts on what supplies and medical assistance will be needed to efficiently run the clinic.

Don’t miss your opportunity to impact lives!  Ugandan Children