Our Mission

“Building Hope… One Heart, One Life, One Community at a Time”


To serve as a leader impacting disadvantaged and displaced lives by providing avenues to education, training in cultural life skills, basic nutrition, and health skills which contribute to enhanced lifestyles and pave the foundations for self-sustaining and empowered citizens.


  • Increase sponsor base to support Ugandan orphans’ education
  • Instruction in Literacy for refugees and immigrants
  • Readiness Instruction for Civics and US Citizenship classes
  • Provide licensed professional/contractors to educate in various skills

Cultural Life Skills

  • Instruction in Social Relationships
  • Instruction in Job Readiness
  • Instruction in Finance

Health Care (Uganda)

  • Provide a medical clinic for affordable health care
  • Provide clinic staff with US medical team rotations
  • Instruction in basic nutrition
  • Instruction in preventive health practices