Our Mission

“Building Hope… One Heart, One Life, One Community at a Time”



To serve as a leader in impacting disadvantaged lives and the communities they live in by providing housing, health care, quality education and job skills training paving foundations to their sustainable futures.

  • Housing
    Build secured housing and support for the orphans in targeted areas of Uganda.
    • Protective care utilizing the widows and widowers in the communities
    • Sustainable funding for staff
    • Necessary tools to facilitate operations
    • Self-sustaining program for daily meals
  • Health Care
    Building and maintenance for a clinic with necessary medical equipment and supplies.
    • Licensed health professionals to educate individuals on health issues and their prevention (ie., HIV/AIDS, Malaria, hepatitis)
    • Education on proper nutrition balance to reduce malnutrition and other dietary illnesses
    • U. S. volunteer medical teams to provide education, assistance and support
  • Quality Education
    Incorporate current techniques and innovative teaching skills to increase the students’ learning process.
    • Enhance the educational process by providing updated materials & volunteer teachers from the U. S. and their own community
    • Enhance knowledge in computer technology to empower others to teach
  • Job Skills Training
    Provide licensed professionals/contractors to educate in various skills.
    • Train individuals in the operation and maintenance of computers
    • Train in advanced farming techniques
    • Train in construction and maintenance of public buildings and housing
    • Train in electrical outlays, plumbing, etc.