Our History

Humanitarian Hands Charities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2006 by Ray and Mary Christopher with a deep desire and sharp focus to bring help to some of the most deserving people.  The Board of Directors are committed to empowering African orphans with the necessary education, training, and tools to ensure a hopeful, self-sustaining future.

The countless hours of dedication has grown into an active Charity that is hands on… and on the ground in Africa.  Historically we are proud to be an organization that is extremely efficient with every dollar spent.



  • $14,533 Funds sent to Fort Portal Uganda for Tuition & Daily Support of Orphans
    • Funds sent throughout 2011 school year enabled 41 Ugandan orphans attending classes three semesters per school year.
    • Funds provided tuition, meals, shoes, uniforms and school supplies throughout the year
  • $4,620 Funds sent in December to furnish a cow, clothing and mosquito nets to Fort Portal Uganda
    • Funds enabled a community of 500+ orphans and 200 adults a meal for the holiday
    • Funds provided shoes and clothing for the 500+ orphans and 200 adults
    • Funds provided mosquito nets protection for 250 families
  • $ 500 Funds given for annual scholarship to a Ugandan college student attending school in the U.S.
    • Funds awarded to a Ugandan orphan who now attends college in the United States
    • Funds will support and encourage the student to continue his education
  • $ 3,100 Funds for Huni Valley Ghana Ladies Agriculture Store Project
    • Funds used to open an agriculture store to cover store activities and operations, which is managed by the widows in the community
  • $ 100 Funds sent to Ndawoli Ghana for Children’s School Support
    • Funds used to help feed the student population who cannot afford daily meals


No non-USAID Grants received for the Fiscal Year 2011