Our History

Humanitarian Hands Charities, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2006 by Ray and Mary Christopher with a deep desire and sharp focus to bring help to some of the most deserving people. The Board of Directors are committed to empowering African orphans with the necessary education, training, and tools to ensure a hopeful, self-sustaining future. Our Board has also committed to impacting the lives of refugees and immigrants that have resettled in the Dallas communities by providing long-term assistance to empower this population socially, culturally, and through educational literacy. United with this mission will include providing Naturalization Readiness classes to increase the percentage of achieved US Citizenship status.

The countless hours of dedication has grown into an active Charity that is hands on… and on the ground in Africa and in the trenches with displaced people living in the Dallas communities empowering them toward self-sustaining US citizens.

Historically, we are proud to be an organization that is extremely efficient with every dollar spent. Our staff works on a volunteer basis along with the non-salaried leadership of our CEO.



  • $21,485 Funds sent to Fort Portal Uganda for Tuition and Daily Support
    • Funds sent enabled 95 Ugandan orphans to attend three terms per school year
    • Funds provided tuition, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and meals
  • $800  Funds supported December holiday party
    • Funds fed  750+ orphans and their guardians
    • Funds purchased a cow and vegetables
  • $198  Community Charitable Giving
    • Funds supported several local charitable organizations
  • $2,740  Flip Flops

    • Funds purchased flip flops for 750+ orphans
  • $500  US Scholarship Program
    • Funds awarded to a Ugandan student attending a university in the United States
  • $300  Ladies’ Sewing Project
    • Funds supported the purchase of sewing machines and material