HHCharities Overview

Humanitarian Hands Charities: An Overview

Humanitarian Hands Charities formerly known as Humanitarian Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization based in Dallas, Texas that empowers individuals to create a hopeful, sustainable future for themselves and their communities across Africa and the Dallas communities. We are grateful for individuals such as you who spread the word of our work and help provide for the children in our program and the resettled refugees and immigrants.

Ray and Mary Christopher were moved by the challenges faced by Ugandan children when they began working with their church mission program. In response to the growing number of orphans in Uganda, Ray and Mary founded Humanitarian Hands Charities in 2006 to provide housing, healthcare, quality education, and job and life skills training. They were also moved to assist the refugees and immigrants in the Dallas communities.

Uganda, often referred to as the Pearl of Africa, has grown exponentially over the past decade with a 75% increase, bringing the estimated population to 32.4 million. While the population has increased the median age of Ugandans has decreased to 15 years due to conflict in Northern Uganda between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Ugandan Army as well as premature death from HIV/AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition.

Fort Portal serves as the headquarters of the Tooro Kingdom and is ruled by King Oyo. The king serves as a figurehead for the Batooro people who make up the majority of the kingdom and focuses on promoting cultural pride and raising funds for issues such as health and education in the kingdom.

Humanitarian Hands Charities focuses its work on this region as it faces issues such as low incomes, poor health and sanitation, inadequate housing, and lack of food security. As the population of orphans continues to increase to more than 2,500 children in Fort Portal, Humanitarian Hands Charities primary challenge is to build a children’s home to house and educate 500 parentless children to move them towards a brighter future.

More than 150,000 Sub-Saharan Africans live in Dallas/Fort Worth communities and across the world more than 2,500 orphans live in Fort Portal, Uganda. It is imperative to provide encouragement and motivation to help these children conquer challenges and excel in school.

Humanitarian Hands Charities serves as a leader in impacting disadvantaged lives and the communities they live in by providing housing, health care, quality education and job skills training paving foundations to their sustainable futures. As successful employees and entrepreneurs they can encourage the next generation of children towards academic and professional achievement as well as personal economic sustainability.

Have you ever visited a country where you did not know the language or the culture? It is a great challenge but refugees and immigrants are thrust into this unfamiliar setting struggling to understand and adjust from day to day. Texas receives the second highest number of refugees and immigrants. In 2013 over 8 million of this population was eligible for citizenship but only 8% became naturalized US citizens. English Literacy, Naturalization preparation, and cultural mentoring are vital for their sustaining existence.